Thursday, July 5, 2007

Blogs that make me think. . .

After Jack Pickard meme-tagged AMNAP as a blog that makes him think, I immediately came up with a list of my own. However, a busy life has been intervening, and it has taken me a couple of weeks write up my own list here. It was tough narrowing things down to five, and indeed I cheated a bit as you will notice. Please don't feel any obligation to continue the meme, but I thought it was worth noting five blogs that make me think. . .

Here they are, in no particular order:

Camera Obscura by Billie -- This gifted artist writes about and photographs the subtle currents and nuances of her life with a deep groundedness and soulfulness that I marvel at and strive to notice within my own life.

Michael Prescott's blog -- Michael writes much more eloquently, and in far greater length, about many of the topics that appear here on AMNAP, as well as other things that interest him and his many readers and commenters.

The Daily Grail -- Not exactly a blog, but there are always new and amazing things on the daily link / story updates. There's also stuff there that exceeds even my rather extensive boggle threshold. TDG has also been very generous with links to AMNAP, and I expect many of you reading this originally found your way here via TDG.

Marginal Revolution -- Tyler Cowen is a polymath, and the breadth of his interests always surprises me. Alex Tabarrok argues the case for liberty most persuasively. MR is NOT really an economics blog, although a few economics posts do manage to find their way there from time to time. . .

Fifth place is a tie, and neither are actually blogs either. But I always listen to the Skeptiko podcasts with its list of impressive psi researchers, skeptics, and spiritual philosophers, and Marcel Cairo's new Afterlife FM internet radio show and podcast is off to a great start with some very knowledgable and articulate guests. Marcel has been gracious enough to invite me to his show next Tuesday, July 10th.

Thanks again Jack for listing AMNAP as a "blog that makes you think".

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Marcel Cairo said...

For me, being mentioned on your blog in the same breath as Alex Tsakiris' podcast, Skeptiko, is akin to the moment in my life when Marie Osmond started flirting with me at the grand opening of Sea World of Texas. The question immediately posed was, "Is it me, or is it the whale?"

I think both this time around, and back then, it was the whale. What I mean is that, as kind as it was, I really don't deserve mention in your meme of "blogs that make me think." I especially don't deserve mention with Skeptiko, a podcast far superior in so many ways to AfterlifeFM. That said, I am thrilled all the same.

This moment is just another example of "Osmond's razor" (not to be confused with Occam's razor).

Osmond's razor states that...

The explanation for those rare moments when one receives unexpected and typically unmerited attention is usually something as simple as the confluence of good timing and bad judgment.

Matthew, I look forward to our on air interview next Tuesday, and if on Wednesday I no longer fit your "best of" list, I'll understand...

It was the whale. Again.