Saturday, May 5, 2007

Quantum Mechanics, actually explained

I've read over most of Ulrich Mohrhoff's website over the past few days, and pored through his papers on quantum mechanics.

For the first time, I think I am actually beginning to understand *why* quantum mechanics is the way it is. Not in great depth or detail, because this is not my domain of expertise. However, enough so that it actually makes sense why the quantum world appears the way it does, and something about its relationship with the more ordinary world we experience as human beings.

I outlined this understanding in a comment on Michael Prescott's blog (who is also on a QM tear the last couple weeks). Here is what I wrote there about what I believe Mohrhoff is pointing out:

What [the Pondicherry interpretation of quantum mechanics] is saying, essentially, is that the quantum universe represents the "edge" of the classical world. Quantum behavior is necessary to create the apparent [material] world of separate particles and evolution through time that we live in out the actual inherent oneness and wholeness of Reality.

It is not that the quantum rules are bizarre. It's that in order to create a classic[al] world out of what is essentially an undivided whole, you need the quantum world in order to do it.

The quantum world is the boundary condition where ultimate Oneness manifests itself as the apparent many, the divided, the dualistic. It is an instrument for the creation of our apparent world of space and time. The purpose of the quantum world is to create the structure needed in order to manifest the ordinary material world of space and time and the possibility of evolution.

I think Mohrhoff is absolutely dead-right about this. A true vision of genius, IMO.

Ulrich, you're very welcome to comment here, especially if you see something off-base with my personal understanding of the PIQM. A confusing topic, but one I feel is very important and relevant to scientific approaches that go beyond reductionistic materialism.


Anonymous said...

My comments can be found by following the link to this post below. - Ulrich

M.C. said...

Here is Ulrich's comment in case anyone missed the link he referred to.

M.C. said...


Glad to hear that I am at least on the right track with understanding your ideas.

I happen to agree with you about the source and nature of the manifest universe. I go into that in more detail on my other blog. I really appreciate your writings on quantum mechanics because it is the first time I've actually began to make sense of it from my non-dual perspective.

Also, thanks very much for your participation here. I'm sure the other readers of AMNAP are finding your ideas fascinating too.