Friday, August 31, 2007

Interesting stuff. . .

Eteponge has a promising new blog with a fascinating overview of the accuracy of psychic detection. An area I have not personally done much investigation into, but worthy of study.

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Eteponge said...

Thanks for linking to my new blogspot on Paranormal Research containing my latest articles. :)

Just letting you know, on the topic of my Dorothy Allison article, I bought the only book the other day on Dorothy Allison that I could find entirely devoted to her and her cases, co-written by her, on her life and cases, written in 1980, that I hope will shed additional light and new information on some of the cases I have already presented in my indepth article on her.

From briefly skimming through it I have noticed that it does contain additional information on those cases, and that it also contains information on cases that I did not even know about before.

So, there are new cases within it that I can update my article with. I will be updating my article in the near future after I read the entirety of the book for it's contents of additional information on her cases, including some previously unknown to me. I'll let you know then.

I wish I could somehow get in contact with one of Dorothy Allison's relatives, friends, or the law enforcement that worked with her, for additional information on her later cases past 1980 that I know are very intriguing, but little is known about. Maybe one of them will stumble upon my article online someday and contact me? Who knows.

She is definately a Psychic who needs more indepth material written about her and put out there. That's why I wrote my article. To get as much information as I know on her out there in one article.