Saturday, April 7, 2007

Living is easy with eyes closed. . .

Reading this post this morning made me realize that there is nothing I can say to break people like Robin out of their life-concepts, to help them to see that what they think of as real is just the tiniest slice of what life is.

I used to be excited by the prospect of showing smart scientists that there was more to reality than just the physical. I figured that they were all intensely curious and that the prospect of finding out the universe was much more amazing than their current models describe would excite them and motivate them to change their beliefs.

After several years of discussions about psi phenomena with dozens of scientists and fellow-travellers, I have found that the large majority just aren't interested in looking at the evidence. They "know" what is real, and aren't interested in finding out otherwise. Which isn't much different than believers in any other system of thought such as religion or political ideology.

And so I reluctantly turn aside, give up my dreams of mass conversions from a reductionist philosophy and write for those who are already open to something beyond physicalism. . .

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