Saturday, April 7, 2007

Other blogs to read. . .

Parapsychologist Dean Radin writes about his own research and the broader field of parapsychology in his blog.

Annalisa Ventola covers the broad field of parapsychology in her blog, updated frequently.

Bestselling author Michael Prescott writes frequently about psi phenomena, and his collection of articles on survival after death is second to none.

The Daily Grail (or simply TDG for the cognescenti) is not exactly a blog, but offers daily coverage of psi phenomena, UFOs, the other parapsychology blogs, weird science, and much more. . .

Medium Marcel Cairo (who AMNAP is quite impressed with) writes a blog and also co-hosts a radio show!

"Rudis" on his blog Psience makes fun of the gullibility and foolishness of believers in the "paranormal".

I'm sure there are lots more blogs I need to mention, but this is a good start. If you know of some more I should include, please add them to the comments!

Update: Marcel informs me that his blog is actually here now. Also "anonymous" points out which covers parapsychology and also conducts online psi experiments.


Anonymous said...

Another good one: - Parapsychology articles and blog.

Also run Psi Experiments

JackP said...

Just to say that I am absolutely delighted to see that AMNAP has returned: I'd just found it at the back end of last year and then you disappeared!

Any chance of telling the story (assuming there is one) behind the disappearance and re-appearance?

M.C. said...

Hi Jack.

Basically AMNAP was becoming a bottomless sink for my time and energy. . .

I'm back as long as I can be very moderate about it.